StorNext Release Notes

What’s New in StorNext

Purpose of this Release

The StorNext release is a collection of important software fixes that solve several customer-facing  issues, including: StorNext file system manager and kernel panics, constant disk rescans and slow cvmkfs  performance. Additionally, this release package includes fixes to the StorNext access control (snacl), and Storage Manager recursive retrieve commands.

Fixed Issues and Enhancements Addressed in StorNext

Operating System Change Request Number Service Request Number Description
All 64820 324979 fsm can panic with OPEN_BUSY set in open_deref_nolock when open_refs hits 0.
All 65054 3733044, 317792,
319468, 327212
Constant disk rescans on clients with stripe group marked as down
All 65479 n/a No signing and authentication for GET operation for AZURE.
All 65595 300308 Reserved inodes aren’t always given back when a transaction is aborted
All 65987 n/a Creates sometimes return EIO
All 66224 314826, 317863, 319270,
321761, 327347, 330014
Deadlock with Open_clients_lock at
All 66482 317659 Recursive fsretrieves fail if any file in recursion is on disk. regression.
All 66502 319178 snacl cannot properly set READONLY permission on Directory
All 66509 n/a snacl -lx should provide the ace_mask
All 66681 319572, 317526, 329425 snprobe: disks in use check should not request information about clients
All 66882 322824 MAC client panic “CVFS ASSERTION FAILED: filecookie == ntohq(replydata->td_file_cookie)
All 67130 n/a ophang limit panic … lock inversion between VopOpen and Client_remove
All 67136 n/a Inside the fsm, a client disconnect can hang on the open_lock … ophanglimit panic.
All 67224 n/a Sharing Violation when Global Sharemode is enabled can cause data corruption due to client open reference counts being incorrectly initialized
Linux 64758 3727008, 304461,
304936, 309057, 317498,
317142, 321954, 324079
Xcellis kernel crash due to cvfs_proxy_lstn
Linux 65242 3733306 FSM panic – PANIC: /usr/cvfs/bin/fsm ASSERT failed “free_ip->i_idinode.idi_flags & InodeFlagFree” sn/snfs/fsm/inode.c, line 2302

Created Time:

# cvversions 

File System Server:
  Server Revision Build 70046 Branch branches_5.4.0.3 BuildId E
  Built for Linux 3.10.0-121.el7.x86_64 x86_64
  Created on Tue Mar 21 02:18:21 MDT 2017
  Built in /scm/nightly/VM-0-RedHat7-x86-64-SP0/sn/buildinfo

File System Client:
  Client Revision Build 67222 Branch branches_5.4.0.1 BuildId E
  Built for Linux 3.10.0-121.el7.x86_64 x86_64
  Created on Thu Nov 10 19:57:18 MST 2016
  Built in /scm/nightly/VM-0-RedHat7-x86-64-SP0/sn/buildinfo

Host OS Version:
 Linux 3.10.0-327.el7.x86_64 #1 SMP Thu Oct 29 17:29:29 EDT 2015 x86_64