StorNext 6.2 Release Notes

What’s New in StorNext 6.2

Purpose of this Release

The StorNext 6.2 release introduces several new features.

Most Comprehensive SAN and NAS Access – Now with Protocol Locking

As more organizations depend on broad collaboration among their staff to meet project deadlines and workflows extend from on-premise into the cloud, being able to effectively manage and access data across complex, hybrid environments has become a requirement for modern file systems. Now with the ability to provide cross protocol locking for shared access across SAN, NFS, and SMB, Xcellis is an optimal solution for organizations that need to share content across both Fibre Channel and Ethernet.

Integration with S3 Cloud-enabled Workflows

With StorNext 6.2 Quantum now offers an S3 interface to Xcellis appliances, enabling them to serve as targets for applications designed to write to RESTful interfaces. Organizations gain greater flexibility to use Xcellis as either a gateway to the cloud or as an S3 target for web-based applications.

New Cloud-Based Monitoring Tool Delivers Insights, Maximizes Uptime

With storage environments becoming increasingly complex, users need more powerful tools to proactively manage their storage resources. Xcellis environments can now be managed with a new cloud monitoring tool that enables Quantum’s support team to monitor critical customer environmental factors, speed time to resolution, and ultimately increase uptime. When combined with Xcellis Web Services – a suite of services that enables users to set policies, adjust system configuration, and more – overall system management is simplified and streamlined.

Quantum StorNext 6.2 includes new cloud-based monitoring tools.

Enhanced Multi-Site Data Synchronization

Available with StorNext 6.2, enhanced FlexSync® replication capabilities enable users to create local or remote replicas of multi-tier file system content and metadata. With the ability to protect data for both high-performance systems as well as massive archives, users now have more flexibility to protect a single directory or an entire file system.

Bolstered Functionality for Media Archives

Organizations that provide storage as a service to departmental users require additional management tools to support their business processes. StorNext 6.2 enables administrators to provide defined and enforceable quotas, implement quality of service levels for specific users, and allows for simplified reporting of used storage capacity. These new features make it easier for administrators to efficiently manage large-scale media archives.

The StorNext 6.2 release also provides important software fixes. See Fixed Issues and Enhancements Addressed in StorNext 6.2.

Caution: If your system is running StorNext 6.1.x or earlier, see Product Bulletin 103.

New Features and Enhancements in StorNext 6.2

Important Information Regarding Storage Manager Performance

As part of the StorNext 6.2 release, an upgraded version of the back-end MySQL database engine has been included to help resolve several security issues. The provider of this engine has changed certain settings to improve the product from corruption in the event of a crash.

Quantum agrees with the changes being included in the StorNext 6.2 release due to the added protection that they provide. As a result, there is a potential that retrieves of small files from a Storage Disk Media/Tier might have a performance impact. For 4K files, Quantum measured approximately a 20% to 25% reduction in retrieve performance from Storage Disk Media/Tier. As the file size increases, the reduction is amortized and has less of an impact on the resultant performance.

Quantum does not recommended you change the settings; however, if this is not an acceptable option and you have to change the settings and are willing to take the risks involved with changing this settings, contact the StorNext Engineering Team and reference Technical Support Bulletin Part Number 6-01194-80.

Important Information Regarding Upgrades to StorNext 6.2

WARNING: To implement some functionality and performance improvements to the Metadata Archive (mdarchive) in the StorNext 6.2 release, the schema for the database used by mdarchive has changed. As a result, upgrading to StorNext 6.2 causes FSMs to build new metadata archives, removing all metadata history generated prior to the upgrade. This means that tools snhistory and snaudit will not report any events that occurred prior to the upgrade and snrecover (not to be confused with fsrecover for managed file systems) will not recover any files deleted prior to the upgrade.

Important Information Regarding StorNext Licenses / Licenses for Features

Effective with StorNext 6.2, the following licenses are no longer supported:

  • Deduplication: A Deduplication license was required to use the StorNext Data Deduplication (blockpool) feature. This license is no longer available for either File System only or Storage Manager environments. Deduplication was licensed per terabyte (TB) of the blockpool.
  • Encryption: An Encryption license was required to create encryption keys and use them in storage manager policies for client-side encryption. This license is no longer available.

Also, the StorNext 6.2 release is the final supported version for the following licenses:

  • Solaris LAN Client: The Solaris LAN Clients used IP protocols to read and write data to the StorNext File System through Quantum appliances that can operate as a StorNext LAN Gateway. You must have a LAN Client license for each LAN Client you intend to use with StorNext (in addition to any SAN Client licenses).
  • Replication: A Replication license is required if you want to use the StorNext Data Replication feature. Replication is licensed on a per-MDC (or MDC pair) basis. If replication is used between multiple MDC sets, each MDC set must have a replication license. If deduplication is used in conjunction with replication, a separate deduplication license is also required.

    Note: There are two types of replication licenses – the File System only Replication license, and the Storage Manager replication license. If Storage Manager is in use on the MDCs, the Storage Manager replication license must be purchased even if the file system being replicated is not managed.

  • UNIX (AIX, HP-UX, or Solaris) SAN Client: The UNIX (AIX, HP-UX, or Solaris) SAN Clients enabled a host computer to mount a StorNext file system with direct block-level access to the disk arrays using Fibre Channel or iSCSI connections. The StorNext file system is licensed on a per-client basis. Any machine that directly mounts the file system is considered a client. If you are an Xsan customer, then you can use an unlimited number of Xsan clients when connected to a StorNext MDC.

Changes to the Maximum Inactive Versions Option for a Storage Manager Policy

Beginning with StorNext 6.2, the default number of versions of a file that Storage Manager keeps is 2 versions. For prior releases, the default was 10 versions.

If you want the default to be 10, you can perform one of the following tasks:

  • Using the StorNext GUI, you can configure the option when you create a policy class. See the Maximum Inactive Versions section within the General Tab heading in Add a Storage Manager Policy.
  • Using the command line interface (CLI), you can run the fsaddclass command to specify the default when you create or modify a class.
  • Using the CLI, you can run the an editor prior to creating a policy class to set the system parameter to CLASS_MAX_VERSIONS=10. The system parameter is located within the fs_sysparm_override file in the /usr/adic/TSM/config directory.

    Note: If you use the CLI to configure the system parameter, you must reboot Storage Manager for the configuration changes to take effect.

  • If you are upgrading from a release prior to StoNext 6.2, then the system parameter CLASS_MAX_VERSIONS is set to 10 in the fs_sysparm_override file, allowing the default to remain at 10 for all new classes created. If the system parameter CLASS_MAX_VERSIONS was previously set in the fs_sysparm_override file, then it will not be reset. If you want the default to be 2, you can perform one of the following tasks:
    • Using the StorNext GUI, you can configure the option when you create a policy class. See the Maximum Inactive Versions section within the General Tab heading in Add a Storage Manager Policy.
    • Using the command line interface (CLI), you can run the fsaddclass command to specify the default when you create or modify a class.
    • Using the CLI, you can run an editor prior to creating a policy class to set the system parameter to CLASS_MAX_VERSIONS=2. The system parameter is located within the fs_sysparm_override file in the /usr/adic/TSM/config directory.

      Note: If you use the CLI to configure the system parameter, you must reboot Storage Manager for the configuration changes to take effect.

Note: Whether you are performing a fresh installation or an upgrade, the backup class is automatically set to 10 versions. To change this, you can use the StorNext GUI, or the CLI to edit this value.

  • The options to the fsaddclass and fsmodclass CLI commands for account number and security code are being removed in a future release of StorNext. The respective options are listed below:

    -o acctnum

    -l securitycode

    Consequently, the JSON and XML outputs are no longer being reported in a future release of StorNext. The respective outputs are listed below:

    “acctNumber”: 12345,

    “securityCode”: “NONE”,

    The output NO LONGER displays the information below as part of the fsclassinfo command:

    Acct Number: 23456

    Security Code: 233

Enhancements to Storage Manager Processes

In StorNext 6.2, enhancements were made to the two Storage Manager processes below that perform directory scans as part of their normal operations:

  • fsaddrelation
  • fspolicy (in rebuild mode)

For both of these processes, the existing scan technology (mapping) was replaced with a new scanning mechanism.

Changes to the fspolicy Command

A new -C option was added to the fspolicy command that allows you to rebuild all candidate lists as part of the rebuild process.

Additionally, a new -A option was added to the command in rebuild mode. When this option is provided, a check for failed fsaddrelation processing is done and if any are found to be incomplete, then the processing is completed by the rebuild policy. This option is used by the regularly scheduled rebuild processing to catch any fsaddrelation attempts that may have been interrupted and you are not aware of.

For additional information, refer to the fsaddrelation and fspolicy man pages in the StorNext 6 Man Pages Reference Guide available on the PDFs Downloads page in the StorNext 6 Documentation Center.

Enhancements to the fsfiletapeloc Web Service Command

Prior to StorNext 6.2, the fsfiletapeloc web service occasionally produced duplicate fileinfo keys in its JSON output, causing the JSON data to be invalid. This occurred only when reporting on multi-segmented files. An example is shown below.

Note: The header, footer, and statuses objects/arrays have been collapsed for brevity.

   "header": {},
   "fileInfo": {
      "segmentNumber": 1,
      "mediaId": "ACD683",
      "libraryId": "Library1",
      "format": "ANTF",
      "startBlock": 56580,
      "offset": 128,
      "segmentSize": 99900000000,
      "blockSize": 524288
   "fileInfo": {
      "segmentNumber": 2,
      "mediaId": "ACD682",
      "libraryId": "Library1",
      "format": "ANTF",
      "startBlock": 190550,
      "offset": 128,
      "segmentSize": 99900000000,
      "blockSize": 524288
   "statuses": [],
   "footer": {}

Beginning with StorNext 6.2, the fileinfo has been replaced by a segments array within a files array. An example is shown below.

Note: The header, footer, and statuses objects/arrays have been collapsed for brevity.

   "header": {},
   "files": [
         "fileName": "/stornext/snfs1/pol1/file1.txt",
         "segments": [
               "index": 1,
               "mediaId": "ACD683",
               "libraryId": "Library1",
               "format": "ANTF",
               "startBlock": 56580,
               "offset": 128,
               "segmentSize": 99900000000,
               "blockSize": 524288
               "index": 2,
               "mediaId": "ACD682",
               "libraryId": "Library1",
               "format": "ANTF",
               "startBlock": 190550,
               "offset": 128,
               "segmentSize": 99900000000,
               "blockSize": 524288
   "statuses": [],
   "footer": {}

The fsfiletapeloc web service can also produce XML output. The XML output has also been corrected in a manner similar to the JSON fix. Below is an example.

Note: The header, footer, and statuses elements have been collapsed for brevity.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<fsfiletapeloc xmlns:xsi="" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="fsfiletapeloc.xsd">

For additional information, refer to the File / Tape Location section of the File Commands topic in the StorNext 6 Documentation Center.

Multiple Options Added to the fsmedcopy Command

For additional information, refer to the fsmedcopy(1) command and the fsfilecopy(1) command in the StorNext 6 Man Pages Reference Guide, and also the Media /Copy Media API command in the StorNext 6 Web Services Guide.

Enhancements to the fsretrieve Command

Beginning with StorNext 6.2, a new -A option was added which allocates disk blocks to files in alphabetic order in an attempt to provide sequential block allocation to all files in the specified directory.

Note: The -A option is only valid with the -D option.

Also, the fsretrieve command now supports the -t affinity option to retrieve files to a specific disk affinity on the file system. The affinity must be defined for the file system in which the files reside. An affinity denotes a specific disk or set of disks (a stripe group) on which the file system resides.

For additional information, refer to the fsretrieve(1) command in the StorNext 6 Man Pages Reference Guide and the File / Retrieve Files API command in the StorNext 6 Web Services Guide.

Changes to Commands that Provide Recursive Processing on Directories

Beginning with StorNext 6.2, the following commands are enhanced to include a new CLI option, -D, that only processes the directory and its contents.

  • fschdiat
  • fsexpcopy
  • fsfilecopy
  • fsfileinfo
  • fschfiat
  • fsretrieve
  • fsrmcopy
  • fsrmdiskcopy
  • fsstore

In addition, the CLI option, -D for the two commands below is changed to -C in order for the -D option to work the same way for all commands processing a directory.

  • fschdiat
  • fschfiat

Changes were made to the commands below that affect the handling of symbolic links (symlinks) when they are encountered by the commands.

  • fschdiat
  • fschfiat
  • fsexpcopy
  • fsfilecopy
  • fsfileinfo
  • fsrmcopy
  • fsrmdiskcopy
  • fsstore

With the updates, there is now more flexibility provided as to how symlinks are handled. Prior to this update, these commands mirrored the behavior of commands like ls or cd, symlinks were followed. Now, with command line options, behavior like the default of the find command can be requested where symlinks are not followed. While the default behavior of the find command is not to follow symlinks, the -H and -L options are provided by that command to allow for specifying symlink behavior.

The new options that were chosen for the SM commands are those same options provided by find. Users of symlinks are likely to be familiar with the operations of these options. As with the find command the new options to the SM commands behave as follows:

  • -H, when provided do not follow symlinks that are encountered.
  • -L, when provided follow symlinks that are encountered.

Note: One last change was made with respect to these new options. The fsfilecopy command already had a -L option which was used to specify a limit to the number of concurrent I/O operations. The -L option now specifies symlink behavior as with the other commands. The -O option is now used with fsfilecopy for specifying the operations limit.

For additional information, refer to the StorNext 6 Man Pages Reference Guide and the StorNext 6 Web Services Guide.

Enhancements to the Export and Import Functionality

The ability to export and import LTFS media was introduced in the StorNext 6.0 release. Beginning with StorNext 6.2, the export and import functionality is enhanced to support ANTF media. The ANTF export/import feature closely mirrors the support already in place for LTFS media, but there are two major differences.

  • StorNext LTFS media does not support segmented files, while ANTF media does support segmented files. The ANTF export/import feature fully supports ANTF media that contain segmented files.
  • The LTFS export/import feature works in either a Media Ingest mode or a File Ingest mode when importing data from media. The ANTF export/import feature supports the Media Ingest operation for ANTF media, but not the File Ingest operation. However, there is a manual process documented at Media Manifests that you can follow to achieve a File Ingest operation for ANTF media.

The overall export and import functionality is also enhanced in the following ways.

  • Tape manifests for both ANTF and LTFS media are now part of the export and import processing. A manifest file is generated for each tape that is exported. When media content is imported on a destination system, these manifest files provide more robust and efficient import processing.
  • Import processing now supports importing multiple media with one command.

Enhancements to the snquota Command

In releases prior to StorNext 6.2, the grace period argument to snquota (-t) would accept modifiers for hours, days, weeks, months and years (h, d, w, m/M, y).

Note: Both lowercase and uppercase M specified months.

In the man page, lowercase m is supposed to be minutes and uppercase M is months. Beginning with StorNext 6.2.0, the snquota command has been changed to do just that. However, if you were relying on lowercase m to mean months you must change to using uppercase M.

Below is an example of the new behavior to set a grace period of 60 minutes:

snquota -F data -S -u lisa -h 10g -s 9g -t 60m

Below is an example of the new behavior to set a grace period of 2 months:

snquota -F data -S -u lisa -h 10g -s 9g -t 2M

For additional information, refer to the snquota(1) command in the StorNext 6 Man Pages Reference Guide, and also the Quota / Manage Quotas API command in the StorNext 6 Web Services Guide.

Important Information About the RTIO and RVIO Functions

StorNext 6 introduced a new quality of service feature called Quality of Service Bandwidth Management (QBM). All quality of service enhancements are being made to QBM only. No further enhancements are planned for the RTIO and RVIO functions, which are being deprecated in a future release of StorNext software. For additional information, see Quality of Service Bandwidth Management (QBM).

Enhancements to LTFS Compression Functionality

Prior to StorNext 6.2, all data written to LTFS media was uncompressed and there was no way to modify this. The drive configuration setting did not affect this.

LTFS media require that, at format time, the setting for compression be set, otherwise the media is uncompressed.

Beginning with StorNext 6.2, any new media that is not formatted has compression enabled by default, if the LTFS format type is used. Media that already have data written to them remain unchanged and future data written to those media remain uncompressed.

Note: If you want to disable compression on your media, you can set the Storage Manager system parameter LTFS_COMPRESSION=false; in the /usr/adic/TSM/config/fs_sysparm_override file. After setting the system parameter, you must restart Storage Manager.

Features No Longer Supported Effective with StorNext 6.2

  • Data deduplication option
  • End-of-Life (EOL) DAS libraries
  • End-of-Life (EOL) AML libraries
  • File systems using small inodes
  • MDC support for SUSE Linux
  • Obsolete 3rd party tape drives
  • Partial File Retrieval (PFR)
  • Solaris LAN client
  • StorNext 4.x Web Services (WSAPI)
  • StorNext API (SNAPI)If you are running EDLM or ActiveVault in the Quantum i6000 or i500 tape library, your tape library must be at the following minimum firmware version:
    • Scalar i6000, i13 or later
    • Scalar i500, 710G or later

    Also, with EDLM and ActiveVault, you must enable and configure Web Services on the library in order to communicate with StorNext (see the Tape Library documentation for details on this configuration). You must perform this configuration, since SNAPI is no longer supported. In prior versions of the Tape library, communication with StorNext relied on SNAPI.

  • StorNext Web Services V1
  • UNIX SAN clients

Compatibility and Support

The StorNext 6 Compatibility Guide provides the basic compatibility for StorNext 6.2, includes the StorNext components supported, operating systems and service packs, libraries and drives, browsers, virtual machines, and appliance support. Listed below are just a few of the types of information available to you in the StorNext 6 Compatibility Guide.

  • Upgrade Paths: Provides information on what upgrades to this release are supported.
  • Appliance Support: Provides information on what StorNext and Lattus appliances are supported with this release or are compatible with it.
  • Operating Systems and Platforms: Provides information on what StorNext components run on various operating systems and service packs. Also includes which operating systems have been newly added or removed.
  • Client Interoperability: Provides information on what StorNext clients running other versions of StorNext are compatible with metadata-controllers (MDCs) running this release.
  • Virtual Machine Support: Provides information on what StorNext components running on selected operating systems and service packs are supported in virtual machines.
  • Compatibility with Other Products: Provides information on references to additional StorNext sold-separately products that are supported with this release.
  • Browser Support: Provides information on what versions of browsers are supported with the GUI in this release.
  • Drives and Libraries: Provides information on what Quantum and 3rd party drives and libraries are supported with this release.

Fixed Issues and Enhancements Addressed in StorNext 6.2

Operating System Change Request Number Service Request Number Description
All 13880 1104418, 1320360, 1310204, 1598810, 3359478, 1603352, 3352398, 3369488, 3423152, 3442602, 3745562, 402821, 399556, 375593, 414277, 425032 Need way to copy good files from a tape that’s bad
All 31660 1159754 Enhancement for snfsdefrag messaging and exit status
All 31707 1154098, 1289298, 1330012, 1358812, 1360904, 1500604, 3447454, 3471990, 365899, 372013 Enhancement: email the “failed to retrieve” admin alert
All 35857 1322120, 1390768, 3655030, 296253 fsaddrelation against a populated directory can leave things incomplete
All 43848 3394824, 3552900, 3644524 snfsdefrag should be able to move all files off of a stripe group, including sparse (holey) and future mtime
All 47077 322038, 342913 Metadata Error : Quota update would have caused current size to be negative
All 55069 3499882, 311199 Enhancement to allow file systems with Named Streams enabled to be managed
All 55914 n/a rebuild policy does not correct/add missing attributes
All 59146 3658938, 3546014, 411825 fspostrestore failed to complete on 1.6B file system after 2 weeks runtime
All 62969 3646340, 437668 fs_mtranx & fs_fmover may consume huge amounts of RAM
All 63858 3695950 Xcellis pair does not have same uid for quantumdb
All 64564 3524236, 3685640, 3644044,3658054,3675606,3682962,3696610, 347921 Identify and fix the cause of FCNT becoming incorrect on tapes
All 65324 203093, 451962 fsm ASSERT failed pclient->cl_rsvd_counted == 0
All 65613 292237 Time for cvgather in pse_snapshot can be too short for it to complete
All 65712 411187 Improve qrdb space utilization and debugging
All 66241 304804 GUI Web Services debug logging enables do not work, i.e. does not log anything
All 66335 343125 fsclean hangs if objects being deleted fails
All 67571 468099 fs_moverd: not mounted file systems is detected but does no corrective actions.
All 67851 401898 recreate can bring a file back into existence that was deleted intentionally. PHASE 2
All 68544 342232, 354576 WebServices are not logging the host/user that send a request via webapi
All 68655 424274 Request for linux 4.8 kernel support … needed someday and used already by Ubuntu HWE
All 68768 346928 StorNext should provide a way to garbage collect unused security descriptors
All 69147 348367 extra space in some TSM log entry “invalidated due towrite event”
All 69348 355297, 450619 GUI does not support umlauts for File and Directory Actions eg. fsrecover
All 69477 360713 When a dpserver entry is present,whilst a MDC is licensed for ‘gateway’ /var/log/message gives proxy license error when FSM is restarted
All 69496 360349 Add retry attempts to locate correct device path into fs_drv
All 69607 0340017 cvgather multiple paths devices are not displayed uniquely
All 69671 364890 debug statement to trace s_biggest prints values inconsistent
All 69839 370627 unable to add media to library in SN GUI, when media extended barcode support (XDI_USEBARCODEMEDIATYPEID) is enabled within MSM
All 69970 1322120, 1390768, 3655030, 296253, 3527552, 3505060 Update fsaddrelation/rebuild policy to improve processing
All 70006 n/a When using the Unixpermbits security model, quotas should be allowed
All 70007 n/a Unixpermbits should support more than 32 supplemental groups
All 70023 425973, 442545, 445787 Licenseflex_private_cloudhas reached max capacity of 0
All 70065 374873 import of LTOW WORM Media fails with “Attempted enter of invalid Media” when extended barcode reporting is disabled on library
All 70191 377480 sncompare should check FILECOMP tables for active versions entries of removed files and fix endtime for them so that fsclean will clean them up
All 70202 377480 filecomp* endtime was not set [hence stored copies not invalidated] for file removed
All 70259 382872 OS issue causing a tape file corruption (duplicate I/O block written) when /usr/adic/TSM/util/tsm-stacks is run should not allow foolish run
All 70359 373989 sncompare should escape single quotes and other special chars in filenames and paths, in order to ensure repair*.sql won’t fail
All 70407 n/a The conversion/upgrade processing in fs_policyd is not checking the exclusions file
All 70462 389650 Enhancement: Health Check creates RAS ticket for SDISKS when policy is not configured
All 70464 407536, 395041, 423901, 454583, 472848 MSM failure to start (archive not getting ready) caused SMITHs
All 70475 396650,396981, 407598 GUI should complain for / partition filled up
All 70602 396890 snquota option -twith qualifier ‘m’ for minutes instead sets months (M) when setting the GracePeriod
All 70625 398258 Enhancement request – add functionality to NSS_CCTL to allow/disallow globalSuperUser per client machine
All 70632 394615 fs_altstore should check that filesystem is mounted before attempting to stat files associated to ASL requests
All 70640 398079 MDC smith during upgrade because TSM did not start properly.
All 70879 403645 hm_connect() TestLink fail message does not provide ip and port information
All 70888 403392 PSE snapshot should include “chkconfig –list” command output
All 70956 403555 ASL ARL related: admin alert issued for failed retrieve, although alternate retrieval was successful
All 70999 404184 HAMgr: hm_common_processing for cmd 1 needs to be converted to a human-readable string in the message
All 71050 402207 checkDiskSpaceTsm can’t handle a customised location for mdarchives i.e. non-default metadataArchiveDir
All 71058 388584 New API calls hang if there are more than 150 calls being processed by the MDC
All 71114 n/a PFR fails when MDC is disabled as MoverHost for DDM – No usable DDM hosts (E_DDM_NO_HOST_MS)
All 71127 408927 Batch retrieve doesn’t skip over unavailable media like recursive retrieve
All 71147 451310 Clients using NSS2 cannot see file systems if they are not on same subnet as coordinators
All 71205 410232 cvgather_multipath provides insufficient information when verbosity in /etc/multipath.conf is set to 1 or less
All 71210 415249 RDAR: 31152810: Xsan client panic in _BumpPathReference()
All 71233 416280 Admin alert to convert MySQL should not be issued on MDCs with no Storage Manager licensed
All 71257 429099 NSS2 – StorNext clients are unable to mount file systems using non-preferred network
All 71260 417420 Enhancement request – permit globalSuperUser=no on managed file systems
All 71295 444615 Adjust to renaming inode_change_ok() to setattr_prepare() and changing signature in kernel 4.13+
All 71299 456036, 459515, 460901 nexpose run results in fs_copymand/fs_moverd core
All 71304 411188 specifying OpHangLimitSecs to 0 did not disable it in mdarchive.c
All 71345 n/a mdarchive rebuild prints too many messages overflowing /var/log/messages
All 71348 419415 cvfsck failed to fix icb when not using -Y option.
All 71392 417808 snapshots should include the status of the mdarchive
All 71448 403677,427190,425216, 452189, 460912 snbackup fails because fsstore command failed to store a multi-segment file
All 71498 423130 snacl +a# should not allow allow ACL before deny
All 71572 420913 Better handle RID overflow in algorithmic ACL
All 71577 459572 Update percona-server to 5.7.23-23.1
All 71602 426019 cvfsck is not reporting correct file size stats
All 71605 n/a Utility for determine how many retrieves were done with recently truncated files
All 71612 422667,426264 Stornext GUI incorrectly reports library slot count as vault slot + library slots
All 71616 426400 Linux client incorrectly applied inherited ACL when security model was legacy
All 71619 426372 Minor metadata restore performance improvements
All 71683 414900 fs_resourced not able to alocate drive it is looping until policy timeout
All 71704 430418 CvApi_SetNtAttributes() does not set the immutable flag when setting the Readonly attribute
All 71733 429099 fsmpm can not find cluster causingfilesystem not mounted on gateway
All 71735 430228 When trying to move an unmanaged directory to a managed directory the command hangs
All 71777 432068 How many sgmanage/sgoffload commands can be run in parallel?
All 71789 425088 fsimport killed due to OOM during import of LTFS media with “–ingesttype files” option
All 71814 n/a SN 6.2 – Add support in fsretrieve Web SVC call for new -g glacier-types
All 71839 355440 Unable to move the RAS “queue” directory off the root file system on the fsnameserver box
All 71884 432914 fsclean -a -R -D does not remove files if directory path contains spaces
All 71901 423376, 413967, 422579, 407282, 451471, 457294, 460363 snbackup failure due to files with multiple current versions
All 71944 424025 Security Scanner cause FSM on secondary MDC to die Weekly
All 71976 422355, 442979, 449687 wsar_agent : segmentation fault causes webservice to be down
All 71979 435103 GUI Information for SSL Certificate should be more meaningful and less confusing.
All 71996 438298 nss_cctl file being synced but not re-read by fsmpm on secondary node causing smith after failover due to blocked access
All 72025 435562 sn_log_update check for primary MDC fails after changes to fsstate -f
All 72031 436505 /usr/adic/TSM/util/snnas_usage returns without error when no relation point exists
All 72038 1104418, 1320360, 1310204, 1598810, 3359478, 1603352, 3352398, 3369488, 3423152, 3442602, 3745562, 402821, 399556, 375593, 414277, 425032 Need way to copy good files froma tape that’s bad from gui
All 72047 426964 request for Windows Offline File Notification to give option to right-click and truncate or retrieve like the MAC version
All 72061 440161 frequent soft lockup warnings, threads in PurgeCvNode()
All 72157 441240 SQL code injection possible with ws-api call.
All 72219 462208 cvfs build fails on Debian 8.11
All 72221 443945, 422536, 457091 Data partition on LTFS tape is full but TSM keeps trying to write to it ignoring errors
All 72230 446081 cvmkfs -r incorrectly issues an error when metadata is moved into its own stripe group
All 72242 440828 file corruption when running vidiomap -r on files larger than 64MiB
All 72243 443169 snhistory triggers a segmentation fault while generating the full pathname for a new hard link
All 72250 445916 Multiple “fsrmdiskcopy -R” commands running on same directory at the same time can leave files in an incorrect state
All 72274 432124 snprobe reports a host as down when it actually is up
All 72288 444657 REST URL advertised by FSM is not always usable
All 72289 444657 SNFS should not allow bad timestamps to be set or exposed
All 72523 449338 Kernel panic kernel BUG at fs/dcache.c:1383!
All 72526 448021 mdarchive backup failed with cannot run: bash -c umask 177cat
All 72565 449257 3593004 TSM creates LTFS ill-formed dummy path names in case ofproblems getting file path
All 72569 449055, 406908, 424025, 469386 fsmpm stuck in new_input() handling RAS event can cause filesystem failover
All 72590 449738 Special characters in web services have incorrect encoding
All 72658 452368 StorNext Linux clients incorrectly disallow setting xattrs on directories containing the sticky bit for the owner and superuser
All 72704 451847 new coherency model w/ global share mode enabled can hit fsm “ASSERT failed “(optr->open_flags & OPEN_HAVE_BOTH) == OPEN_HAVE_BOTH” upon InodeOpen()
All 72726 3734274, 336772, 409963, 430039 fsmedscan can cause the root filesystem to fill if run on StorNext appliances
All 72791 n/a Create a new option for sgmanage to list the files that have an extent on a stripe group
All 72839 455314 cvgather will leave files in /tmp when run. Should clean up these files when cvgather completes to avoid filling up root filesystem
All 72890 406908 The mdarchive query used by sgdefrag/sgoffload is not efficient, causing performance issues
All 72964 406908 Improve various situations which can cause mdarchive query delays
All 72976 455446 Restarting only MSM removes the “ipc:msm_arcdisp” socket
All 72977 72977 GUI Better handling of manually configured VLANs
All 73016 456603 fsexport fails with “File does not exist” if a file or directory name contains a space character
All 73154 461529 usr/cvfs/bin/fsm ASSERT fail ‘p_ip->i_idinode idi_nchildren >= 2’ file dir.cline 1935
All 73246 461691 GUI needs option to transcribe inactive versions from a medium
All 73307 459454 Client file open request to the FSM hangs forever
All 73404 463603 fs_resourced segfault occurred upon exception in updateDelayedReleaseList leading to TSM abnormal termination
All 73410 464639 snacl certain INHERIT flags naming schemesnot consistent
All 73411 n/a GUI should allow to defrag 100% of user blocks, similar tosgdefrag –blocks -1, ideally as checkbox option
All 73422 n/a GUI StripeGroup defrag option doesn’t accept values for “Blocks to move” > 9999
All 73430 456604 snprobe displays the wrong FSM address in client entries for a file system
All 73561 451310 Windows SNFS 6.x cannot connect with auth_secret if using fsforeignserver
Linux 45856 398545 fsm [14412]: StorNext FSS ‘2_man_fs[0]’: dqns_load: GetIdentityNameBySID failed for key 0xb0e31fb0b0e31fb error 37
Linux 49439 3420306 sncompare should log a message related to running rebuild policy after updating ALL_COPIES flags
Linux 53486 425247 Appliance: Srvclog RAS tickets lost if HaShared file system not mounted
Linux 72136 406908 sgdefrag command fails due to a timeout
Linux 72537 449523, 453432 Linux kernel dump from f_cvp->cv_opencnt == 0 line 1478 file vnops.c
Mac OS 48194 3394288, 3384400, 3437750, 3499376, 3507270,3635546, 3437750, 3499376, 3507270, 318356, 320308, 355814 Restriction of moving from a managed fs relation point to unmanaged problems (including quotas, trash can and recycle bin)
Windows 72481 433666 Microsoft MPIO in Round-Robin mode is causing continuous disk rescan
Windows 72873 454707 Real-Time QOS Token Leak
# cvversions

File System Server:
Server Revision 6.2.0 Build 80611 Branch branches_6.2.0 BuildId E
Built for Linux 3.10.0-514.el7.x86_64 x86_64
Created on Wed Mar 6 02:01:32 MST 2019
Built in /scm/nightly/VM-RedHat7-x86-64-SP3-0/sn/buildinfo