StorNext 6.3.0 Release Notes

What’s New in StorNext 6.3.0

The StorNext 6.3.0 release provides new features and enhancements listed in the section New Features and Enhancements in StorNext 6.3.0 and also provides software fixes listed in the section Fixed Issues and Enhancements Addressed in StorNext 6.3.0.

New Features and Enhancements in StorNext 6.3.0

Support Long Object IDs on Object Import

Prior to StorNext 6.3, objects imported with the command fsobjimport were restricted to those with a key length that did not exceed 64 bytes. Beginning with StorNext 6.3, we enhanced the tertiary storage manager (TSM) infrastructure to support object keys with a larger length, up to 1,024 bytes.

Read Stream Reservation Capability

Beginning with StorNext 6.3, you can reserve a subset of the object storage streams for file retrieves.

Use the StorNext GUI to reserve streams for reads when you configure an object storage controller. You can configure the read streams in the Controller section of the Configuration > Storage Destinations > Object Storage menu. See Configure Object Storage and Cloud Destinations.

You can also use thecommand line interface (CLI) to run the fsobjcfg command with the -s option to configure a read stream count. You can exceed the number of streams used for retrieves, but you cannot use the reserved streams for non-retrieve requests.

See the fsobjcfg command in the StorNext 6 Man Pages Reference Guide.

Enhancements to the fsCapacityThreshold Configuration File Parameter

Beginning with StorNext 6.3, StorNext automatically monitors the used capacity of the HA shared file system and generates a RAS event when the file system reaches a capacity of 85% or higher.

Note: StorNext continues to generate a Severity 2 RAS event once an hour until the used capacity level falls below 85%.

The percent at which a RAS event is generated is controlled by the HA shared file system’s configuration file parameter fsCapacityThreshold.

Note: If the fsCapacityThreshold parameter is not present in the configuration file or if it is set to zero (0), then the default of 85% is used.

See How to Configure the fsCapacityThreshold Configuration File Parameter for additional details.

New Extended Attributes

Beginning with StorNext 6.3, a series of new extended attributes have been added, as follows:

Extended Attribute Description This attribute can be read or set. It determines whether a client has the ability to retrieve files or not. To configure, you must write the value enabled (allow retrieves) or disabled (deny retrieves). This attribute can be read. It provides the current state of a managed file and also provides different descriptions:

  • disk+archive
  • store
  • no_store
  • archive
com.quantum.rpl This attribute can be read. It provides a reverse path lookup of a given file. This attribute can be read. It provides a json response that includes the media type backing a managed file and also provides the media UUID of the media the file is written to when it is truncated.If the file is an object store file, the object store path is given. If an affinity is assigned to the media of the file, the affinity is included in the json response. This attribute can be read. It returns a true or false response to whether a file is offline.[.classname] This attribute can be read. It returns a json response of client information that have been mounted with a specific mount option. This attribute can be read. It returns the URI for the file system manager’s (FSM’s) rest interface. This attribute can be read. It returns the challenge string for the FSM’s rest interface. This attribute can be read. It returns the stripe group number of a file’s location. This attribute can be read. It returns the affinity associated with a file.

On systems running Linux, you can run the command getfattr to access or write to extended attributes.


getfattr -n /path/to/file On systems running macOS, you can may use xattr command line tool.

Note: You must enable namedstreams on the file system and you must also remove the user namespace.


xattr -p com.quantum.retrieves /path/to/file On systems running Windows, you can use the CvApi external API to develop a command line

tool for Windows.

CvApi Functions Description
CvApi_GetXattrByName(int fd, XattrRequest_t *xreq) This API takes a file descriptor and a XattrRequest_t pointer. The XattrRequest_t structure consists of two buffers:

  • xattr_name
  • xattr_value

The xattr_name is confined to 117 bytes and the xattr_value is confined to 4,096 bytes.The xattr_value should not have any data written to its buffer.By calling this function, the xattr_value buffer is filled and returned to the user.

CvApi_SetXattrByName(int fd, XattrRequest_t *xreq) This API takes a file descriptor and a XattrRequest_t pointer. The XattrRequest_t structure consists of two buffers:

  • xattr_name
  • xattr_value

The xattr_name is confined to 117 bytes and xattr_value is confined to 4,096 bytes.This function only works with xattrs that are able to be written to.Both buffers must have data in order to properly use this function.The structure is returned back to the user with the same data it was supplied with.

To build a program with Quantum’s external API, you must include extapi.h and cvapi.h in the source. You must also include cvextapi.lib when you build the program for Windows.

By using these functions, a Windows user can emulate the use of extended attributes without them being an interposed component of the file system and Windows.

Note: Not all of the extended attributes are available for use through Windows and not all of the attributes are able to be read or written depending on the user requesting and the settings on the file.

Fixed Issues and Enhancements Addressed in StorNext 6.3.0

Operating System Change Request Number Service Request Number Description
All 32784 474686,1223902, 1197170, 1286816, 1559740, 3545946, 3642968 Excessive tac log messages – no media found to meet user criteria
All 62966 3681170, 344347, 478334, 480193 MSM can wrongly identify the running process, leading to system crash
All 65786 503315 Update TSM infrastructure to support long/alternate object names
All 68878 n/a tac log shows mysql connection error when querying for Qcloud configuration
All 70955 399606 489960 FSM OpHangLimitSecs exceeded VOP-Class-0 Type-4 Subtype-11RevokeWait -> set_wait_racing
All 71103 402207, 504661, 506855 Need to monitor used capacity of HAshared file system more closely
All 73252 n/a provide streams reservation capability for object get operation
All 73295 424025 Security Scanner cause FSM on secondary MDC to die Weekly
All 73322 463088 HA shared FS expansion via Stripe Group Actions leads to non-recommended configuration, when HA shared FS has a mixed metadata and data SG and no exclusive MD SG
All 73674 478052 Name service attempts to send udp messages to port zero on startup
All 73676 501660 ANTF & LTFS tape fsexport failure after database error
All 73896 n/a GUI: Support for read stream reservation count in controller configuration
All 74108 481323 Found several minor issues in wsar_client with the -s option, -l option, and documentation
All 74111 482099 attempting to start second instance of snstatd from command line leads to qustat failures
All 74139 474784 fsm memory bloating: filesystem hit OOM upon starting servicing change_tree REST call from flexsync
All 74164 482099, 502217 fs_resourced locks up and requires restart of TSM
All 74169 477772 fsmedcopy/fsfilecopy from tape to S3-compatible medium fails and marks it as write-protect
All 74174 484016, 494543, 504800 StorNext should warn when metadata space is low
All 74175 484016 cvupdatefs failed to add a new metadata stripe group because there were 0 free inodes
All 74228 495024 ‘/usr/cvfs/lib/snnas_control start’ does not start snnas_service
All 74231 479813 syncha can delete all local config files if the shared filesystem is dismounted while it is running
All 74290 488616, 493109 NAS beyond 2.2.0 and SNFS work — Windows Directory notifications (samba <-> SNFS) not delivered.
All 74453 490072 fs_feature core dump due to segmentation fault when running archive_cmp
All 74476 480485 Non-existent or truncated display of existing file system quotas in the snquota CLI and StorNext GUI
All 74502 n/a Add FS_CLUSTER_LIMIT_XXX to fs_syparm.README file
All 74509 491986 syncha too noisy: reports “unable to determine hostdatadir for peer” in single mode
All 74559 490052 Incorrect name server info messages when using fsforeignservers
All 74609 477352 A relocate policy will not clean all candidates that it should
All 74618 487263 D2D Relocation – Nightly class based relocation does not work if tiers are named out of order
All 74623 490052 StorNext should alert Customer if current mounted file system volumes are out of date and need to be rescaned
All 74629 493309 fsmpm: PANIC: fsmpm ASSERT failed “ntohs(pmsg->nsm_data16) & NSS_HB_EXTENDED_OK”
All 74632 487263 Fix relocation-by-class policy so that it doesn’t overwrite its policy start time
All 74633 487263 Fix fs_tierman so that it honors the configured policy class Reloc Min Time when it is a value less than 1 day
All 74644 496096 recover_xattr_payloads() does not honor snbt_lookup() API causing snbt_payload_expect_dupes():ASSERT(FALSE)
All 74645 494879 kernel panic w/ kernel BUG at fs/dcache.c:667, exception in shrink_dcache_for_umount_subtree() during cvfs umount
All 74646 492529 wsar_agent segfault occurred due to unhandled null pointer exception in wsardb_CleanJobs()
All 74652 n/a FS_BLOCKING_READS setting not working
All 74665 498164 immutable bit on root prevented starting file system because qbm create/remove of directory
All 74796 501350, 474104 snaudit “Failed to read tablet cluster” file /scm/nightly/VM-RedHat7-x86-64-SP3-0/sn/snfs/qrtree/qrtree_backend_qrdb.c, line 1058
All 74808 493941 Reading data from Media with large clusters can lead to issues finding the BOF and report Invalid label data
All 74822 498657 After upgrade from 6.1 to 6.2 ala report main: Database error during insert: code: 1406, message on insert into sl_admin_log
All 74842 502251 GUI: deprecated media types in MSM database can cause vault create failure in UI after upgrading to 6.2.0
All 74869 493530 Remote DDM processes fail and generate cores after upgrade to StorNext 6.2.0
All 74871 502252, 497249, 503172, 498392 CPU or system lockup when kernel oplocks enabled in NAS
All 74873 503173 fsm segmentation fault upon sgmanage resize, due to unhandled exception in move_remainder_space()/inode_btree_start_slice()
All 74889 499858 StorNext close locking causes nfs server to consume millions of file entries
All 74890 503808 fsm panic “OpHangLimitSecs exceeded” whilst vacating stripe group in progress, due to deadlock between free_pending_inode and vacate_stripegroup threads
All 74891 505693 sgmanage displays the wrong size for several counters when the fs block size is not 4k
All 74892 503808 fsm panic upon ASSERT failed “sl < pgroup->pg_slices” snfs/fsm/alloc.c, line 3058, after a stripe group offload/vacate was interrupted
All 74902 n/a TSM checkMediaAvailabilityTsm health check script must detect non-tape store availability
All 74915 488583 dm_info attributes not set correctly after a file move. endtime of old filecomp not reset
All 74948 503993 snrestore fails due to duplicate entries (but with different media) in the snbackup_manifest file
All 74952 n/a The new scan functionality being used in fsaddrelation and rebuild policy can hang.
All 74986 505693 sgadd miscalculates stripe breadth when adding a stripe group to a file system with an original block size other than 4k
All 75032 501660 GUI : Export Files job report incorrect : job overall status is reported as success, although errors were encountered
Linux 73452 460749, 465920 Stopping managed FSM hangs Stornext GUI
Linux 74545 501127, 493912, 501127 Ubuntu Kernel new get_user_pages() signature, cvfsbuild fails error: too many arguments to function ‘get_user_pages’
Linux 74687 497732 Support for CentOS/RHEL 7.6
Linux 74809 501686, 507321 snprobe not returning with options -cdlqsC -h localhostCaution: StorNext 6.2 included new cloud-based monitoring tools to simplify and streamline system management when combined with Web Services. In certain situations, Cloud Based Analytics (CBA) reporting generates repetitive snprobe returns that never complete, resulting in system memory being depleted. If this occurs, Xcellis systems might unexpectedly reboot. See StorNext Product Bulletin 105 for additional details.
Windows 46895 3353988 SNFS latency-test give extremely bad performance on Windows node.
Windows 72817 454915 Stornext Windows GUI need to allow the creation of fsforeignservers
Windows 73687 455957 505429 IsLocalSid() Requires that Administrator account to exist.
Windows 74181 479521, 487047 max length russian characters
Windows 74583 480485 Photoshop deletes the original file if Quota is exceeded – FileSetAttr() problem


Created Time:

File System Server:
  Server Revision 6.3.0 Build 84384 Branch branches_6.3.0 BuildId E
  Built for Linux 3.10.0-514.el7.x86_64 x86_64
  Created on Thu Aug  1 16:18:24 MDT 2019
  Built in /scm/nightly/VM-RedHat7-x86-64-SP3-0/sn/buildinfo

File System Client:
  Client Revision 6.3.0 Build 84384 Branch branches_6.3.0 BuildId E
  Built for Linux 3.10.0-514.el7.x86_64 x86_64
  Created on Thu Aug  1 16:18:24 MDT 2019
  Built in /scm/nightly/VM-RedHat7-x86-64-SP3-0/sn/buildinfo