StorNext 6.3.1 Release Notes

What’s New in StorNext 6.3.1

Purpose of this Release

The StorNext 6.3.1 release provides new features and enhancements listed in the section New Features and Enhancements in StorNext 6.3.1, and also provides software fixes listed in the section Fixed Issues and Enhancements Addressed in StorNext 6.3.1.

New Features and Enhancements in StorNext 6.3.1

Support for Operating Systems

Beginning with StorNext 6.3.1, the following operating systems are supported:

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 7 Update 7
  • CentOS 7 Update 7
  • Debian 9.4
  • Xsan 5.0.1 / macOS 10.15

For complete details, see the StorNext 6.3.1 Compatibility Guide.

Support for FlexTier Vendors and Platforms

Beginning with StorNext 6.3.1, the following FlexTier private cloud vendors and platforms are supported:

  • Object Matrix (MatrixStore)
  • Wasabi (Hot Cloud Storage)
  • Caringo (Swarm)

For complete details, see the StorNext 6.3.1 Compatibility Guide.
Fixed Issues and Enhancements Addressed in StorNext 6.3.1

Operating System Change Request Number Service Request Number Description
All 42076 142079, 590581 cvadmin who command shows same snfs id for all clients
All 71410 417848, 469654, 523117, 529382 TSM retrieves fail after LTFS cannot lock the device when opening the tape drive device
All 72675 450834 Provide a log message that fsm binary isn’t executable
All 73199 509542 Running a file system out of space produces cryptic and alarming errors
All 74170 483303 StorNext buffered client I/O can hang for minutes at a time
All 74469 n/a cvupdatefs should perform UNMAP for any added stripe groups containing thin-provisioned LUNs
All 74650 488961, 509455 fs_moverd segfault in SNDB::Connection::connect() when attempting to connect over NAS VIP or docker0 interface
All 74764 499502, 1381652, 1481710, 493804 Gui Report “SAN and LAN clients” missing details if FS is running on secondary Node
All 74955 497830 GUI does not allow to set media format for _adic_backup copy1 after removal of Object Storage
All 75030 523224, 521892, 507994, 507556, 508808, 509216, 512793, 512838, 518689 Downgrade Severity 1 RAS Alert SL_EVT_TAPE_ALERT (Tape alert)
All 75097 508720 mdarchive build error when FSM assigns an invalid inode_id because Inodelookup failed
All 75127 n/a The fsexport command in File Copy-Export mode should list files that can’t be copied due to unavailable source media
All 75167 506855, 511403, 512492, 510010, 514813, 515127, 519025, 523837, 527502 Runaway mdarchive created close to 1 million files and filled up HA shared file system
All 75168 506855 cvadmin “mdarchive rebuild” didn’t rebuild runaway mdarchive
All 75207 n/a snacl is unable to add ACE’s with spaces in their names
All 75236 513366 Provide more info in the “Invalid msg length” error message
All 75237 511468, 513161, 524677 snquota -L report is looping endlessly
All 75314 501812, 513189 Direct Cross Launch from SN UI To Connect Does Not Work In 6.2 On M-Series Due to Lack Of Containers On M-Series
All 75461 513366 client disconnect with Invalid msg length
All 75602 514175 Capacity pie chart wrong for library on home page
All 75603 494038 The fsmpm on Windows picks a random IP address to use as pm_ipaddr, also known as “id”
All 75696 520733, 522482 Open Failures from the MDC occurring when upgrading to 6.3.0 and nss_cctl contains MDC IP Address
All 75920 527400, 503185, 512277, 529382 fs_moverd leaks SCSI file descriptors when constant file read errors occur during stores
Windows 27418 1142606 Windows cannot set the noatime mount option – no gui support
Windows 74339 488689 Windows SAN client crashes with bugcheck error DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION (133) in DropDiskReference()

Created Time:

File System Server:
  Server Revision 6.3.0 Build 84384 Branch branches_6.3.0 BuildId E
  Built for Linux 3.10.0-514.el7.x86_64 x86_64
  Created on Thu Aug  1 16:18:24 MDT 2019
  Built in /scm/nightly/VM-RedHat7-x86-64-SP3-0/sn/buildinfo