Section: Maintenance Commands (8)
Updated: April 2015


/usr/adic/util/ – Conversion script for StorNext High Availability Servers (Linux only)

SYNOPSIS primary secondary shared_FS peer_IP_addr


StorNext High Availability (HA) Server configurations that include Storage Manager (SNSM) software must have their operational data moved to a shared location. The script performs this function. It runs in different modes for the first server to be converted (Primary) versus all subsequent server conversions (Secondary). All file systems should be configured before starting the Primary conversion. The Secondary conversion is done on a fresh installation of SNSM with no file systems configured.

The script status and operations are written to the log file /usr/adic/HA/

Before starting conversion of the Primary server, the following steps must be completed:

Every file-system configuration must contain one of the HaFsType configuration items (see snfs_config(5)). One and only one of them must be HaShared type.
SNSM Features
Storage Manager elements should be configured including policies, libraries etc.
Lists all the configured CVFS file systems to be started. See fsmlist(4).
It is recommended, but not required, that the HA Cluster Servers be the nameservers. The only requirement is that at least one nameserver is available when either of the cluster servers is powered down. See fsnameservers(4).
Contains the IPv4 or IPv6 numerical address of the peer server. See ha_peer(4).
Licenses for both servers must be in this file.
User and Group IDs
The users tdlm and www, and the group adic must exist on both servers with the same ID numbers.
Synchronized System Clocks
This recommendation is to aid in log-file analysis.
No Processes in File Systems
The CVFS file systems will be unmounted during conversion.

Before starting conversion of the Secondary server, the following steps must be completed:

Configure the /usr/cvfs/config/fsnameservers file identical to the Primary server. This will allow the Secondary server to mount the shared file system and copy in all the other configuration data.


Perform Primary server conversion.
Perform Secondary server conversion.
Name of the shared file system.
The numerical IPv4 or IPv6 address of the Primary server.






mount(8), snhamgr(8), fsmlist(4), vfstab(4), fstab(5), snfs_config(5), init.d(7), chkconfig(8)