Section: User Commands (1)
Updated: June 2014


cvmkdir – Create a StorNext Directory with an Affinity


cvmkdir [-k key] dirname


The cvmkdir command creates a StorNext File System directory and attaches an affinity parameter (key) to it. If no option is used and the directory exists, the cvmkdir command displays the assigned affinity. Once an affinity is assigned to a directory, it cannot be altered. If no key is specified and the directory does not exist, the directory will not be created.

An affinity may be dissociated from a directory by specifying an empty key (e.g., “”).

See snfs_config(5) for details about affinities to stripe groups.


-k key
Specify to the file system what affinity (key) to associate with the directory. All new sub-directories and files created beneath this directory inherit its affinity. If the affinity is changed or removed only files or directories created after the change are affected.
The path of the directory to be created.


cvmkfile(1), cvaffinity(1), snfs_config(5)