Section: Devices and Network Interfaces (4)
Updated: May 2016


domainsid – StorNext File System Domain SID File




The StorNext File System (SNFS) domainsid file is an optional MDC configuration file used to set the domain SID to be used with ACLs when the Security Model is set to “acl” in a file system configuration file and Unix Identity Mapping is set to “algorithmic”

Note that this file should only be deployed in very specific use cases. For example, if an environment uses Open Directory, the domainsid file should contain the assigned Domain SID. This can be determined by running the following command on a Mac:

$ dsmemberutil getsid -U username

where username is the name of any regular user account in Open Directory. This will return a string such as the following:


The Domain SID is the string without the trailing RID so in this example, it has the value S-1-5-21-2553502104-2799725507-638401443 The following command may be run on the MDC to set this domain SID.

mdc# echo S-1-5-21-2553502104-2799725507-638401443 > /usr/cvfs/config/domainsid

After configuring the domainsid, file systems must be restarted on the FSM to have it take effect.

Note: Improper configuration of this file may lead to files having invalid ACLs and permissions not being enforced properly.




cvfs(8), snfs_config(5),