Section: Devices and Network Interfaces (4)
Updated: December 2014


ha_peer – StorNext HA Peer Server IP Address




The StorNext File System (SNFS) /usr/cvfs/config/ha_peer file provides the IP address of the peer server in a StorNext High Availability (HA) cluster configuration to the snhamgr_daemon and fsmpm processes. It must be configured on both servers. The ha_peer file may also be used to change the default IP port (5189) used by the snhamgr_daemon and snhamgr processes.

The ha_peer IP address allows the fsmpm processes to negotiate the restarting of HA Timers to avoid unnecessary HA Reset incidents when metadata writes are delayed by heavy disk activity, and to detect misconfigured /usr/cvfs/config/ha_smith_interval HA Timer override values. For HA clusters with an HaShared file system, the address also allows communication between the snhamgr_daemon processes running on the metadata controllers to collect operational status for the snhamgr command.


Any entry that does not begin with # is assumed to be the peer IP address and optional port number. The address should be in IPv4 or IPv6 numerical format. The address and port entries are specified as follows:




For IPv6, enclose the address portion in square brackets if also specifying a port.


To set the peer address, the ha_peer file would contain the following line:

To set the peer address and port, the ha_peer file would contain the following line:

To set an IPv6 address or address and port, the following lines could be specified:







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