Section: Devices and Network Interfaces (4)
Updated: October 2018


snfs_rest_config.json – StorNext File System REST Configuration file




The StorNext File System (SNFS) snfs_rest_config.json file is a JSON formatted configuration file used to control the behavior of REST services on REST capable versions of StorNext and to manage the behavior of REST services in SNFS processes.

The REST interface is for internal StorNext use only, thus there is no support or documentation of the REST interface itself.

A version of the file is installed with the software and does not need to be changed under typical operating conditions.

The minport and maxport may be useful in a fire walled environment. The data timeout may be useful for long running requests.

Process specific definitions are applied to specific commands and daemons. The process name is the json object identifier which encapsulates the command or process specific options.

Process names currently supported are:


The process name sgmanage includes sgdefrag and sgoffload commands. All processes support the keywords data_timeout and conn_timeout. The process fsmpm supports the enable_server keyword. The process “fsm” supports the enable_rest keyword. The processes fsm and fsmpm support rest_proxy_enable.


The snfs_rest_config.json file follows the JSON schema. Each of the attribute-value pairs occupies one line and is terminated by a comma, save for the final attribute-value pair. Items used for processes appear in a process specific section identified by the process name. No comments of any kind are allowed. Refer to this man page’s EXAMPLE section for a visual representation of the described format.

General keywords are:

conn_timeout“: “time
Secifies the number of milliseconds before a connect request will timeout. conn_timeout defaults to 10000 (10 seconds).
data_timeout“: “time
Secifies the number of milliseconds before a connection will timeout. data_timeout defaults to 5000 (5 seconds).
enable_proxy“: “true|false
Currently unsupported. Enables use of a proxy interface. enable_proxy defaults to false.
enable_rest“: “true|false
Enables use of the REST interface. enable_rest must be included as true for use of any services. Default value is false, but is specified as true in the installed file.
enable_server“: “true|false
Currently unsupported. Enable rest control over some file system admin features. enable_server defaults to false, but is specified as true in the installed file.
maxport“: “port_value
Secifies the top number for the range of allowed ports. Use in conjunction with minport. maxport defaults to 0 (no range).
minport“: “port_value
Secifies the bottom number for the range of allowed ports. Use in conjunction with maxport. minport defaults to 0 (no range).
port“: “port
Controls the port used for http communication. port is process specific only. The default value is unspecified.
proxy_admin“: “proxy_admin
Currently unsupported. If a proxy admin is used, URL of server to which to connect. define url of kong proxy web server to register services with. proxy_admin defaults to null.
proxy_gw“: “proxy_gw
Currently unsupported. If a proxy gateway is used, URL of server to which to connect. proxy_gw defaults to null.
registration_name“: “registration_name
Overrides the use of hostname for a url published by the system. This is expected to be a name which can be mapped to the location of the SNFS host from external locations. For use in environments where the host name does not resolve to a routable address. The registration_name defaults to null.
ssl“: “ssl
Controls the use of secure socket negotiation parameters. In particular the minimum TLS version which will be allowed and the set of ciphers allowed. ssl has default values, but values are specified in the installed file for use.
ssl_port“: “ssl_port
Controls the port used for https communication. ssl_port is process specific only and defaults to unspecified.


The following is the installed snfs_rest_config.json file. This file should not need modification.

    "enable_rest"   : true,
    "enable_server" : true,
    "ssl" : {
        "ssl_enabled"  : true,
        "min_tls"      : "1.0",
        "ciphers"      : "HIGH:!aNULL:!MD5:!RC4:!3DES",
        "pemfile"      : "/usr/cvfs/config/certs/server.crt",
        "keyfile"      : "/usr/cvfs/config/certs/server.key",
        "ssl_timeout"  : 124800,
        "verify_peer"  : false,
        "verify_depth" : 100,
        "cafile"       : "",
        "capath"       : ""
    "SM_metadb" : {
        "data_timeout" : 300000,
        "conn_timeout" : 5000
    "fsrestd" : {
        "data_timeout" : 300000,
        "conn_timeout" : 5000
    "sgmanage" : {
        "data_timeout" : 60000,
        "conn_timeout" : 5000
    "snhistory" : {
        "data_timeout" : 300000,
        "conn_timeout" : 5000




fsm(8), fsmpm(8), qbmanage(8), sgdefrag(8), sgmanage(8), sgoffload(8), snhistory(8)