Section: Maintenance Commands (8)
Updated: March 2017


WebService setup for Storage Manager file operations


snwebsetup [-h] [-u USER] [-p PASSWORD] -s SERVER_URI dirs [dirs …]


snwebsetup creates configuration files in Managed StorNextfile systems which can be used by the snretrieve, snstore, sntruncate, snfileinfo and snjobinfo commands as well as other services. Each listed directory has a file called .StorNext_rest.json created in it. This command should be run on the MDC as it needs access to the local mount point information.

For StorNext client access, the file is expected at the root of a file system. For use with NAS access, the file is expected at the exported root of the share.

Prior to running this command, web services should be enabled and an account created which has access to web services. The user name and password for this account are used as input to the snwebsetup command.